Beach cake

Have you ever found the perfect cake recipe that tastes delicious and ices well? This one bowl chocolate cake is my go to, it’s super easy, very moist, and absolutely delicious. I made this fun cake for my grandma’s 70th birthday. My grandma loves the beach, it’s her favorite place to be. When thinking of a birthday cake to make her, I knew right away what the perfect choice would be.


My favorite way to get ideas for cakes is watching instagram or YouTube cake videos. A few months back I watched a fun beach cake video and I decided to do a similar cake for this momentous occasion. My grandmas favorite cake is the one bowl chocolate cake and she loves Italian meringue buttercream, so figuring out flavors was easy.

One of the most tempormental things you will ever bake are macarons. These beautiful, airy cookies take some practice and are totally work it, especially when you can make things like these cute clam shells! They were the perfect additional to cake.


Of course as almost any cake I’ve ever made it didn’t turn out exactly how I had pictured. It was different, but that doesnt mean it was any less beautiful or delicious, and the most important part, my grandma loved it!

Link for the one bowl chocolate cake recipe-


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