My first blog post

Hello all! Are you ready to go on this new adventure with me? Now, you may be asking yourself “who is this person?”, “what’s the content going to be like?”, “why another food blog?”. Oh, you’re not? Well I am! I am new to this and hope to eventually hone in on what I specifically want to blog about, but here’s a tidbit of what it’ll be looking like for now.

Who am I? I am a self-taught baker from a small town in Texas. I’ve been baking on my own, for friends and family, since I was around 9-years-old. I love the endless possibilities of baking, the creativity involved, the aroma it’s sure to emit, and so much more. My goal is to have a career in baking and pastry. Currently, that’s looking like going to a pastry college and acquiring an associates of applied science in baking and pastry. After college, I’d like to work a few years in either restaurants, hotels, or resorts, then eventually, either becoming a pastry chef instructor, or just bake from my home.

Why did I start my blog? I wanted to combine my passion for food, and my love of writing, and blogging seemed the perfect choice. This past January, I started a job at a bakery. Unfortunately, after a few months working there it had to close. This was only the beginning for me though. I continued to bake even more fervently, and haven’t stopped since. By now I think my friends and family may be tired of the regular pictures of my creations that I send to them, so I’ve taken to the internet! My hope for this blog is to be a beneficial outlet to share my passion for baking.

What will I be posting? I have a lot of family members, meaning there are a lot of cakes being made. I also have my own small business from home. This being said, I will be posting a healthy amount of cakes (pun intended). I also have friends who are gluten-free, and friends and family, including myself, who choose to eat paleo. Another point of my page, will be to educated about the paleo lifestyle. Which means, you will be seeing quite a few posts about my paleo/gluten-free endeavors. One of my favorite things to do is test out recipes, so I will be writing about those, and posting all the recipes I use.

Welcome to my blog! It is sure to be filled with trials (hopefully few errors), and a whole lot of fun recipes.

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